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Long Distance Removals

Long Distance Removals

Long Distance Removals
Long Distance Removals
Long Distance Removals

Long Distance Removals

Long Distance Removals,

At Peter’s Mini Removals, we understand how stressful and expensive Long Distance Removals can be. Regardless of whether it’s a office or home move, the logistics and costs can sometimes outweigh the excitement of setting up into a new space.

We want to take the hassle out of your move by assisting you with everything from packing and storage to transportation and setting up - without the hefty price tag. This is also true for cross-provincial moves, where you need assistance along any of our South African furniture removals routes.

These include (but are not limited to) in and around Cape Town, Cape Town to Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, up along the Garden Route - and, of course, back to Cape Town from any of these destinations.

Home and Office Removals in Cape Town - that you can trust

At Peters Mini Removals, we set ourselves apart through our service and by offering you a stress-free experience during a busy time. We’re also experienced in the furniture and office removal industry and as we grow, so we are able to offer you more comprehensive benefits to take the stress out of a new start.

We at Peter Mini Removals are:

  • Genuinely affordable removals: Contact us for a quotation and we’ll give you the best price possible for your move. We are also willing to top other service providers. Ts&Cs apply.
  • Always on the move: We frequently move between routes and have a multi-vehicle fleet that allows us to complete moves in short timelines. This includes working around your schedule as closely as possible.
  • Service driven: We’re here to support you at every turn of the road to help mitigate the stress of the move.
  • A full-service support: Our subsidiary services help us help you to pack, store, transport and offload easily. We also offer long-term storage in Cape Town. We can even arrange a “housecleaning” service for you.
  • Security and goods safety: We have satellite and CCTV in each of our vehicles, as well as protective blankets to further safeguard your furniture from damage. The security and safety of your effects is of great concern to us and we treat every load as if it was our own. Stock In Transit insurance is also available to you, on request.
  • We’re equipped: We have a number of removal trucks in our fleet, including 2-tonne, 4-tonne and hoist trucks for heavier items that need lifting. You can also request a hydraulic lift, if necessary.

Peters Mini Removals will always be sure to give you the best price that we can offer on home and office removals in Cape Town, as well as on all of our other routes. This will take the hard work and stress out of your move and make it as simple, easy and cost-effective as possible. Contact us on 021 534 9706 for our best quote - or fill out a contact form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.